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AMX AM mle. New map added “Sacred valley” Korea Encounter battle has been added to the following map: New birds have been added to Ruinberg and Lakeville Improved after-battle statistics Reworked the list of WoT achievements on login screen Removed the following inscriptions: Collision model of the following tanks has been improved: Reworked additional absorption bonuses for Spall Liners: HEAT shells will start to ricochet if the impact angle is greater than 80 degrees. The armor penetration after ricochet will remain the same. After successful penetration, a HEAT shell cannot ricochet inside the tank as the shell is transformed into a continuous stream.

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Featured in the Black Friday specials are Back in Black tanks including a new addition to World of Tanks Console, as well as all six other tanks which show their national pride! At first glance some of these specials may not seem like worthy sales for Black Friday, this post will simplify and help you navigate these specials.

Please note that as of November 23, , World of Tanks Consoles reduced all of their Black Edition tank package prices. With these reductions, the specials start to look more like sales!

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Premium tank shopping guide 1: So I am going to introduce these tanks one at a time. This is purely based on my opinion and experience on these tanks. Things to consider when purchasing a premium tank: Must be more than just a Credit grinder crew skill training Match Making the maximum and minimum battle tiers of tanks Fun factor. Enhanced Gun Laying Drives — Faster-ish aim time.

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Is this tank worth the gold to buy it?. Think, world of tanks which tanks have premium matchmaking advise One of the most important decisions in World of Tanks that will partly determine whether or not you enjoy the game is which tank line you progress down. Each line has its own ups and down in terms of the grinding difficulty and specific traits for each tank. It is important to figure out how you enjoy playing World of Tanks before attempting to go to tier 10 due to the time or cash commitment required from tier This World of Tanks which tank line guide will help you figure out which tanks fit your personal tastes.

Oct 16,  · World of Tanks official forum → In-Game Vehicles → American Vehicles → Medium Tanks; Medium Tanks. Important information. Forum Rules Posted by Mr_Kubrick World of Tanks Game Rules Posted by Overlord T26E4 After the update it became the worst tank tier 8 Started by fantom, 22 Sep

Goes insanely fast in a straight line due to unbelievable acceleration power, but it has trouble turning. It’s basically a weird moving polyhedron, so it can bounce a lot of machine gun fire and the odd cannon shot, but it isn’t as bouncy as the T Do not reward Wargaming for that kind of behavior. It isn’t particularly overpowered compared to a tank you can get for gold, so don’t pay an exorbitant amount for it.

It went on sale for a few days, and allegedly was so overpowered they pulled it from the premium store. Newsflash – any tier 3 with preferential matchmaking will be overpowered because that’s what preferential matchmaking does to a tank, it makes it win more. Anyway this is an average tier 3 TD with m view range and the worst gun in the game, the Russian 76mm.

Its frontal armor is also immune to machine guns, though 60mm of armor isn’t going to stop much at tier 4.

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Gun handling and stats are the same and CDC is. The most disappointing tanks in your opinion FCM 50T, the only premium I this one would have been a perfect candidate for Preferential matchmaking. The FCM 36 focuses on armor while the R Panzer 58 Mutz Add to comparison.

These are the highest priority issues to fix in the game – matchmaking, artillery, balance of tanks, and certain gameplay mechanics. Then there is also technical debt: performance, real multi-threaded rendering, vegetation, etc.

Leaving out the stuff from mini digest: Storm, what about the T E4? It all depends on results on the public test We want that you play your own game, not the Ivan and Vlad from QA; that you sit together with SerB and Makarov and Kislyi and drive some thousand battles Why me, exactly? No difficulties in that TDs are currently the easiest class to get into, they usually have about 1. Or is this group too small to consider? Some of them stand out statistics-wise Yes Can a feature of a rival game be realized?

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Pros and Cons Pros: On the other hand view range and camouflage value received a buff. Accuracy on move and dispersion during turret rotation was significantly improved resulting improved fire control, even if on paper it remains the same. Terrain resistance was buffed and tank can reach around 30kph on flat ground, slightly surpassing the IS Hill climbing still remains abysmal.

The upper and lower glacis are now protected by 2 layers of spaced armor covering nearly the entirety of the frontal hull, making the tank very difficult to penetrate from the front once more:

These tanks were played more than the rest in June 3. T26E4 SuperPershing. The list really begins to heat up as we enter the final three. The T26E4 SuperPershing manages to place third as the most popular tank to play on the North American server.

The American, German, Soviet, and French tech trees have all received new tanks and tank destroyers as part of the update, and new premium vehicles are now available. Three new maps have also been made available, each set in North America: Port, Highway, and Serene Coast. Each of the new maps offers several tactical advantages for offense and defense alike.

In addition to the updates to the tech trees, the game has updated the matchmaking service, ensuring players will not face tanks more than two levels above their tier. The update also makes some changes to the damage system, allowing hits to internal modules to cause crew damage, even if the hit does not penetrate armor. Wargaming also publishes World of Battleships and World of Warplanes. In addition to new tanks, the game has also been updated with three new maps, each taking place in North America: Port, Highway and Serene Coast.

World of Tanks Update 7. Highlights Welcome to the first detailed update overview for Update 7. Here you will find extensive information on new content, changes and improvements coming with this new update. Battling arenas Update 7.

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So here it goes: Chinese tank destroyers can be introduced even without the Chinese help, but the French and the EU tanks have higher priority RG: Its known how reluctant china is to share their information with outsiders, take a look at “Jiangsu National Security Education Museum”, shown below, for example, foreigners are actually not allowed in, but please China, we want those HD models!

T26E5 Freedom Fighters HD Reskin: Versija: Dydis: Mb Licencija: Classic Milkym4n Įvertinimas: 0 / 5 Reskin for the T26E5 Model with extra details on the hull included on standard T26E5 (originally only shown on the Patriot).

Is this tank worth the gold to buy it? This World of Tanks T26E4 Super Pershing tank guide will explain the pros and cons of the T26E4 as well as giving some basic tactical advance on how to drive one. For a full weak spot guide check out this guide which goes over the entire armor set up of the Super Pershing.

The weak spot guide linked earlier will help you find out the correct amount of angling you should be doing. Your main weak spots that people aim for are the top commander hatches and the machine gun port in the hull. In most situations it is best to stick at mid range with your hull slightly angled and your turret front pointing directly at your enemy.

Firepower The 90mm gun equipped on the Super Pershing does have quite a few downsides. The standard AP shells only have mm of average penetration which makes dealing with many tanks difficult due to the also sub-par. This means that you will have difficult with damaging tier 9 tanks such as the E even if you are aiming at their weak spots and that APCR should be relied upon slightly. The APCR shell bumps the penetration up to mm which can deal with anything you normally face quite easily.

You also are stuck with a alpha gun with only a decent rate of fire which leaves you needing to hit every shot while maximizing your armor to survive. Mobility Forget that the Super Pershing is labeled as a medium tank since it does not resemble one mobility wise in any manner. Keep this in mind and always be looking at the mini map for how the battle is unfolding around you since it will have trouble flexing to far away areas.

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The increased penetration and rate of fire will allow this TD to perform its main role: At the same time, complex changes to mobility will allow for escaping enemy fire and fighting for survival in close-range combat. Tanks with preferential status are likely to get matched into dual or single-tier battles, where their status combined with combat parameters does more harm than good.

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Free-to-Play For a free-to-play game, World of Tanks does a good job of tempting gamers to shell out cash. Its highly addictive gameplay means that gamers who start playing are likely to stick around. The ability to purchase gold allows players to accelerate their progress through the game. That said, economics these days mean many gamers have tight budgets.

Sometimes the cash is there, sometimes it is not. This article will examine various strategies for maximizing income in the game credits while minimizing cash paid out the purchase of gold. During the Beta gamers were given a bonus of gold each day. Since the commercial launch, that bonanza has ended. There is only one way to get gold in the game and that is to pay for it. The full schedule of exchange can be found here. Awkward as it is, gamers are probably better off using the With the exchange rate varying so widely, each gamer will have to keep his own number in mind as if he plans on budgeting any kind of money into the game.

The decision itself to pay even a single dollar in the game can be controversial. Some gamers are purists and I have heard of clans that will snub any gamers suspected of purchasing their advancement in the game.

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The Carnarvon heavy tank received a completely new hull, which is a far cry from the one on the Churchill family tanks. The armoring of this vehicle is thinner than in the case of the infantry tanks, but it has been angled, relative to the enemy, which results in .

That means that the shell with penetration of mm will have no chance to deal any damage to our enemy. This can be used during the fight, which will be presented later in this guide. PzKpfw VI Tiger armor thickness of mm , placed at an angle to our tank, will be protected against our gun with penetration of mm. As if that were not enough, some tanks have several layers of armor so called spaced armor.

Hitting this kind of point may give us misleading information about opponent’s vehicle state – gunner will confirm the penetration, but the enemy tank will not get any damage. Our shell will just penetrate weaker external armor but will rebound on the inner, significantly stronger one. So if we’re fighting with the opponent equipped with such armor, we have two options: Location of layered armor on various tanks will be discussed later in this guide.

Front of the T26E4 Super Pershing tank. Several layers of armor are visible.

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But in reality once these players learn these weak spots they will much rather face one than the much tougher IS-3, T32, and Tiger II. For most new players shooting here is highly likely at first until they learn that it has some very easy weak spot to hit. The lower hull of the Lowe is very weak, rather large, and also not angled.

A legfrissebb WOT-os hírek, útmutatók és tank elemzések, akciók, nyereményjátékok és versenyek, valamint MOD-ok magyarul!

You pay your money, you take your choices [Last Updated January 18 ] There are quite a few premium vehicles in World of Tanks, sprinkled across the various nations, classes, and tiers. As stated above; premium vehicles come in a variety of forms, and there are a few limitations on what they can be. Generally speaking and there are exceptions , premium tanks will be slightly inferior to fully upgraded tanks of the same class and tier.

They span tiers 2 to 8 and have a few special quirks; as one example, a premium vehicle can use crew trained on vehicles of the same class at no penalty. But enough of that; you can read more about them on the wiki. And finally as disclaimer; I have not personally driven all of the tanks I will be talking about. For those that I have driven, I will mark them with an asterisk. I will also be giving most tanks a rating from 5 being the best.

Tier 5 premiums can make decent amounts of money especially if played well, fully-pimped, and with a premium account , but they have their own issues that set them apart from the upper tier moneymakers. It also has a wider battle tier spread than other tier 2 tanks, so it can get harsher matchmaking at times. A solid tier 2 from what I can gather. It will have a lot of trouble penetrating other heavy tanks in a straight up fight.

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